Blue Butterfly

Written by James N Barton (BMI)
BANIC - Vox, Takamine Acoustic



Story behind Blue Butterfly

Blue Butterfly
Blue Butterfly is basically where my journey as BANIC began.  I left my home and job to join a band in Orlando.  We hung out and jammed.  The funny thing was they were a Southern Rock band from Boston, I think I was asked to join, just for some legitimacy.  Well, the band did not pan out.  They would not assist with my moving to Orlando.  I could not crash at their place or did not have any suggestions for a job.  I was hoping to find a family environment
 When I was over there I met this girl.  She was beautiful on the inside and out.  She had this wild hair and glitter make up.  She was full of life and I of course was getting down, she was there for me.  We never dated but stayed friends.  When I came back to Tampa, I went to my old coffee shop hang out got a coffee and wrote this song.
The name came from her, her name is Blue, or that is what everyone called her.  She worked at Disney of all places. During the day she was Pluto and at night a Butterfly in the light parade.  We were talking on the phone one night and I was doodling and wrote Blue and underneath Butterfly.  I just was thinking about all the light she brought into my dark world.  I am still grateful to her to this day for her kindness, friendship and the song.

Verse 1
You are my blue butterfly
I am your wildflower
Your wings blend into the sky

Verse 2
You shine in all your glitter
I am dark in my ways
You make life a whole lot brighter

Fly on blue butterfly
Fly on to your tree
Fly on blue butterfly
But, don't.  don't forget about me

Verse 3
You are my good news
I am the classifieds
You make love feel so true

Verse 4
You should never leave
I am your dreamer
You make me wanna believe

Fly on blue butterfly
Fly on to your tree
Fly on blue butterfly
But, don't, don't forget me

You're my blue butterfly
I am your dreamer

James N. Barton (BMI)