I am a Fanwich!, Danielle Ate The Sandwich 

I am a Fanwich!, Danielle Ate The Sandwich 

The next artist in my series of ukulele players is one of my favorites, Danielle Ate The Sandwich.  If you could describe Danielle in one word, it is inspiring.  From her simple start, making YouTube videos at 4 am to writing a soundtrack for an HBO documentary. Her music is as sweet as her personality, so much so, it gives you cavities (pun intended). 

I found DATS when I looking for other ukulele singer/songwriters and her video popped up.  I was intrigued by her name and her shy smile.   When I pressed play, I got goosebumps, a voice that would make anyone a believer and songwriting of veteran songstress.  Her journey is documented in her six albums and YouTube videos. You can see her grow from a shy singer/ songwriter with a ukulele to a confident musician and performer. 

Why is she so inspiring to me? She shows me if I believe and just try, my music dreams can come true.  I was already a huge fan, but then I met her and saw her play live.  I was so nervous to meet her and talk to her, then she still shocked me. She remembered me from little comments I have made online and said with an intriguing smile she asked “What’s your story?”  I got to ramble on about me for a bit, and got her autograph (I am a Fanwich!). 

The show I went to was a workshop and concert, put on by TBUS.  The workshop is just what I needed, it was on performance.  She shared with us the skills and tricks that she learned in her journey I mentioned earlier.  I am going to work on what she talked about and I hope to have more and better videos on my You Tube channel and live shows soon.   

There are two things left I wanted to mention. First is Danielle has a new amazing album out called “The Terrible Dinner Guest”.  You really need to go out and get it if you have not already.  I will be doing a review on it, in a future blog.  

The second thing I wanted to mention, is just a simple thank you to Danielle for her workshop, music and her being her.  You show this scared wallflower with a ukulele, that being yourself is okay, and people will eventually learn to understand and accept you.   

Until the next blog, Let the music set you free. 

Always Believe, 

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