How Garth Brooks inspired me to be myself.

This blog is not about the ukulele, per say.   But it is, in a way-  for ukers are sometimes looked upon as different for something we enjoy.  This blog is about my rekindled love of Garth Brooks from when I was a teen.  There are two main reason that made me do this blog.  The first is that I just bought his box set of 10 CDs at Target for $14.99 and the second, when I looked at his Facebook page and I noticed only one of my friends liked his page.  The latter shocked me since I am friends with a lot of singer/songwriters and real country lovers.  Here is my rant on why I am and will always be a Garth Brooks fan. 

When I was twelve years old, I went into a country phase.  Only my mother has the photos of me with a mullet, cowboy hat and boots.  I guess I never grew out of it because I still love real country music.  There are only a few of today’s artists that I listen to, to name a few, Jason Isbell, Sturgill Simpson, Shooter Jennings, Have Gun Will Travel.  It started with artists like George Strait, Alan Jackson, Marty Stuart, Travis Tritt and Garth Brooks topping that list.  Of course, there are others from the past before my start in 1992, but too many to mention. 

Garth Brooks was my generation's Elvis.  A man that I idolized who consistently produced amazing music and inspiring live shows.  For a kid that did not look like a GQ model or would be considered popular, he was a huge inspiration.  He looked like me and any other regular kid or guy.  But the guy could write and sing an amazing song.  I am now trying to write and perform my songs in a way that would make him proud. 

When I listen back my new Box Set, it brings back memories that inspired me to be a singer/ songwriter.  Songs such as the Dance, the River,The Thunder Rolls to songs like One Night a Day and Lonesome Dove.  He wrote and sang my childhood and teenage days.  Hell, he wrote songs that I sang to people and girls of my past. 

So, if you have an artist from your childhood or one you love now that moves you, please, don’t be afraid to show it.  They are why you are who you and why you are unique.   I will and always be a Garth Brooks fan.  I am still convinced that he pointed at me at the concert my mother took me to.   I remain determined and hopeful that I too, will one day inspire a regular kid to follow their dream.   I am now a singer/songwriter and a ukulele player who may not have gotten started without that inspiration fueled by the legend that is Garth Brooks….Thank you

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