James Hill, My Favorite Ukulele Artist

I have been waiting to do this blog, I did not know how to put in words, the inspiration I get from James Hill.  When I was looking for singer/songwriters that play ukulele, little did I expect to find a guy that is my "Eric Clapton" to the ukulele.  People that know me, know that is the biggest compliment I could bestow upon an artist. 

 Where do I start, the man is freaking awesome! He can play and write an amazing instrumental.  Then he started writing lyrics and put many songwriters to shame.  And to top it all off, he has an incredible online ukulele lessons site, The Ukulele Way.  The man can do it all and has inspired me to know there are no limits in songwriting with these four strings. 

 The first album of his that I purchased was Man with a Love Song, also the title track, included others like Heart-shaped Tattoo, Hand over my Heart, Lying in Wait and of course Assam/Like a Bird.  The whole album let me know that you can write and perform a great song on a ukulele.  I would have been mesmerized by his music, even if I was not a ukulele player. 

Then the man came out with The Old Silo.  This is where Man with a Love Song showed me how to be a ukulele singer/songwriter.  The Old Silo taught me there are no limits on where you can take the music and it is okay to push the limits of category of an ukulele player.  With his amazing wife Anne Janelle, he brought it from a beautiful love song like If Wishes Were Horses and The Village Belle to rock songs like She Still Got It and Tie One on.   I could go on and on about this album, it changed my life and will change your view on what an ukulele can do. 

He has another astounding album with Anne called True Love Don’t Weep.  If you want to hear mind blowing  instrumentals, you can listen to A Flyin Leap.  His entire catalog is a must have.   This blog is not intended simply to persuade you to buy his music (even though you should).  This is my way of expressing the admiration I have for the man I call my favorite ukulele player. 

 I hope you are enjoying these blogs, where I share with you the players that have inspired me to play this beautiful instrument.  I will be posting more soon with new videos of me playing.  Remember to...Let the music set you free and as Mr. Hill says, "Uke On." 


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