Lil Rev “The Happiest Way to be Sad” 

Lil Rev “The Happiest Way to be Sad” 

I've been wanting to write a blog on Lil Rev for some time now, ever since I thought about starting this adventure. He is one of my main influences and teachers. I recently went to a workshop/ concert with him and Stu “Stukulele” Fuchs. I will be doing a blog on Stu next, however, this is one is about my daughter’s favorite musician, Lil Rev. 

If anyone asks me why I play the ukulele, I always quote Lil Rev, “It’s the happiest way to be sad." This is the title of one of my favorite songs and favorite album of his. I have mentioned my battle with depression and anxiety before. One of my ways of coping with it is to play ukulele or put on a Lil Rev song. I have never met anyone that is in a bad mood after listening to one of his songs. It is not that all his songs are happy, happy, joy, joy - it is the way he plays and sings. You leave your worries and go to a simpler and happier place. 

Another reason I love Lil Rev and his music is that his music is a way for my daughter and I to connect. Every time my 8-year-old, Ava, gets in my car, the first thing she says is, "Dad, put on my ukulele music." She loves singing to “Drop Baby Drop," “Me or Uke Blues," and her favorite “Shaving Cream." I had the opportunity to speak to him at the workshop and told him about Ava, and I could tell he was really touched. He gave me a signed poster for her and made a video for her to say thank you. Her reaction was so emotional, she felt so special. 

I could go on and on about this hero of mine and how he has influenced me and taught me. I might have a part 2 on Lil Rev, where I can go more in depth on his music. He is also an amazing teacher of the ukulele and has literally wrote the book on the subject. I know a lot of musician friends are familiar with Hal Leonard books, well, Lil Rev wrote the Ukulele Method books. He has also done specialty books. Until next time, I want to thank Lil Rev for all he has done for me in music and life. 

Remember, let the music set you free.

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