Stu Fuchs “The Sifu of Ukulele Zen” 

Stu Fuchs “The Sifu of Ukulele Zen” 

Stu Fuchs, who is also known as Stukulele, is one of my favorite humans.  I am a self-taught player, but he gave me my first proper ukulele lesson.  I attended one of his many workshops on Caribbean /Reggae/ Calypso strums.  It was amazing he taught by feel and bringing everyone together as one unit.  I have continued to learn through his e-books and YouTube Channel -Ukulele Zen

His channel has a lot great videos on techniques, songs, and circus tricks.  I have a few favorites but the one I always come back to is (Foundations of Technique).  Whenever I get in a rut playing, start losing focus or start feeling uncomfortable while playing. It is simple video but is something that ever player should watch and remember to relax.  He also goes into more beginner, intermediate and techniques.  I also recommend watching his song lessons that some can also be found in his Chord Solo book and Uke-a-billy e-books

I call Stu my Sifu, the reason is from the way he teaches, plays and lives. He has practiced Yoga and Qigong for about 20 years.  I used to study Kung Fu and Tai Chi and the man I respected so much that guided me, asked to be called Sifu and not Master like most teachers of the Martial Arts.  I may not be learning teacups or the five animals, but pace I was taught is the same as Stukulele.  Ukulele Zen is not only the name of his channel, but the way teaches and lives his life.  It is great to have a teacher that can ease any frustrations of learning.  Like he says “There are NO mistakes… there is only learning” 

I really hope from reading this you see why this man has inspired me in music and life.  I might have to do a part 2 where I can go deeper on how he inspires me.   He has graciously offered to do an interview style blog with me in the future, so stay tuned for that.   He is an inspiring teacher but also a virtuoso of a player you can get his CDs here and is currently working on releasing new music soon. Until next time remember, Let the music set you free.

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