Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where were you born and raised?
A: Tampa, FL

Q: When did you start playing guitar?
A: My freshman year of high school. It had a guitar class.

Q: What was your first memory, when you knew you wanted to be a musician?
A: I forget what age I was; my uncle played me the Eric Clapton Crossroads album.

Q: What’s spinning in your cd player these days
A: Bruce Springsteen - Devils and Dust

Q: What was the first song you learned on the guitar?
A:Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door- Bob Dylan

Q: Who are some of your (musical) influences?
A: Eric Clapton, Jamey Johnson, Marty Stuart, Waylon and Shooter Jennings, Jeff Buckley, Jim Croce, Nick Drake, Dream Theater, Tom Petty, Ben Harper, among others

Q: What is your favorite piece of equipment?
A: That would have to be my Takamine (Allie) I got it when I was a teenager and it has been my acoustic ever since….I have written every song on it

Q: What is your goal with your music?
A: To make a living off of it, basically… I have released the fantasies of selling out arenas and having platinum albums….I will make the music I want and I just hope people like it.

Q: Where did the name BANIC come from?
A: Well, to make a long story short…..It was given to me from my friends in the former band Burden Fly. They always called me Big Ass Nick…then one day it became BANIC ( Big Ass Nick In Charge)

Q: What is your tattoo?
A : It is the symbol of the band I was like family with Burden Fly…

Q: Do you have any other family members in entertainment?
A: Yes, my brother is a magician….known as the Reality Thief

Q: What was the best concert/show you ever went too?
A: Any The Human Condition show, they are friend but they are also amazing musicians.

Q: When is your album coming out?
A: Blue Butterfly EP was released on February 15th, 2011.  I thought it was perfect to release an insanity love affair EP,  the day after Valentine's Day.

Q: Do you have any musical goals not yet achieved?
A: Yes, finish my next album and release it and promote it .....LOL…