Sweet Kiss

Written by James N Barton (BMI)
BANIC- Vox, Takamine Acoustic, Fender Stratocaster

Story behind Sweet Kiss

Sweet Kiss
This song came from an odd relationship.  We met online, this is before dating sites, and this was old school AOL chat room.  We talked all the time on the phone and really started to hit it off.  So, we set up a time to meet and have dinner.
We met and she was more beautiful than her pictures.  We had dinner and then went for a drive to talk and just hang out.  The whole car ride I was looking at her and just wanted to kiss her.  I know everyone has had that feeling with someone and then we did.  I have to say after that kiss, she dropped me off at my car, I was swooning.  On the way home I wrote the lyrics in my head or at least the first draft.
I thought I found someone but like Ted in “How I met your mother” I was wrong again.  She forgot to mention she had a boyfriend.  This is not the only song I got from this relationship. Some did not make the light of day….You can’t say those words in front of children.
Sweet Kiss 

Verse 1
She teased the whole night
I knew the it was in sight
The moisture of true bliss
The feeling of her sweet kiss

Verse 2
She saw me smile
She drove one more mile
She could seeI was restless
I was craving her sweet kiss

Verse 3
She finally parked the car
I knew my dream was not far
My hear would not miss
I got to feel her sweet kiss


Our lips met for the first time
But it felt like home to me
It was the sweetest kiss
My eyes where closed but I could see
That this could be love
Was this sweet kiss meant to be

She teased the whole night
I knew it was in sight
The moisture of true bliss
The feeling of her .....
I was craving her.....
I got feel her sweet kiss


James N.Barton (BMI)