From the recording Blue Butterfly EP

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Verse 1
It is sometime in the mid morning
I sit alone with my cigarettes and coffee
The waitress fills my cup of life again
But, it does not wake me from my dream

Verse 2
I have no place where I call home
I have no place to lay my worries down
The place where I lay my head is not home
It is just another hole where I stay

Verse 3
Some pop sensation plays on the radio
There is no soul just cheep harmony
My guitar lays cold in my bed
While I listen to this shit and burn my lungs

So fill my cup of coffee one more time
So I can stay awake in this nightmare
Light my cancer stick one more time
So I can breathe my last breath
I did not sign up for this life
But I will manage till my cup is empty
and my cigarette burns away


James N. Barton (BMI)