Woman In My Dreams

Written by James N Barton (BMI)
BANIC - Vox, Fender Stratocaster

Story behind Woman In My Dreams

Woman In My Dreams
I wrote the melody years before the lyrics.  It was something I just loved to play over and over again.  One I was sitting with my friend Brad and Scott (from Have Gun, Will Travel).  Brad said to me my songs are happy and I should write a sad song since I love the blues so much. 
So, I played it over again and I thought what could be really sad.  I thought falling in love with woman in your dreams.  You can’t be with her and she is only in your dreams, so when you wake up you are still alone.  He thought it was one of the saddest songs he had heard, so as a songwriter, I got a confidences boost.  This song became the back bone or the inspiration for the Blue Butterfly (concept) EP.
Woman In My dreams

I see you
In my dreams
You lay there
You lay there next to me
I don't know what I should do
Awake or be with you
You are not reality
You are just the woman in my dreams

I look for you 
the search is in vain
for I am alone
and I will stay that way
I have accepted the fact
We'll never meet
You are not reality
You are just the woman in my dreams

I have been searchin,
searchin, searchin
For someone that is not there
I pray to God
that one day
One day, I'll hold you
You are not reality
You're just the woman in my dreams

James N.Barton (BMI)

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