Blue Butterfly the EP did not start out this way.  These are some songs I wrote years ago and after playing them over and over and together. I noticed something.  The songs were telling me a story.  It is a love affair of sorts.  I hope you enjoy the music as much as I enjoyed creating it.  These songs yes were written in a dark time in my life but, they have a new life and my new beginning.  The actual story is something you have to figure out yourself.  Remember to listen with headphones and an open heart and mind.  Let the music set you free

Soul to Soul,

BANIC Blue Butterfly EP digital booklet A digital copy of the cd booklet and packaging for the BANIC debut release "Blue Butterfly EP" 222 KB

Blue Butterfly EP


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BANIC originally released “the Blue Butterfly EP” on February 15, 2011, only on his website. It is a mini rock opera (concept EP). The songs were written years ago and after playing them for some time, BANIC noticed a story. It is a love affair of sorts, about a man’s journey from meeting the woman of his dreams and realizing that she is the woman in his dreams.

BANIC signed with Symphonic Distribution, the first thing he wanted to do was re-release his debut. He remixed the songs and had Symphonic mastered the mixes. BANIC asks to listen with an open heart and mind. Let the music set you free.

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The Blue Butterfly (concept)Story

The story starts out with the song “Blue Butterfly" It is the beginning of the love affair. The song tells the of the beauty that our narrator, falling for this woman the Blue Butterfly. This feeling is fresh and he does not want her to go because she makes him feel love again. She shows him that love is real and that it is very powerful thing.

The story continues with “Sweet Kiss”, telling of the desire just to have that first kiss. He wants to feel physically the love he feels in his heart. He starts to believe in love is real and it is something he has waited for so long for.

By the time we get to the third song, “Will She Be Here In The Mourning”. He realizes that he does not want to let go. He does not know if this love affair is what it seems. He wonders will she be here in the morning. He knows how he feels but, does not know if it is real.

The fourth song is the epiphany, that the truth is revealed. The love affair is not a reality. His loneliness has consumed him so much that his mind has created this woman. She is the “Woman In His Dreams”.

In conclusion, he gets out of bed in the middle of the night and goes to a diner. Where he sits there having “Cigarettes and Coffee”. And comes to grips that he is still alone and that is the way he will stay.